Sunday, 12 February 2012

As of 2012 we have set out on a card making endeavour. We personally design, print and package all our cards. Below are the designs we currently have available over at our online SHOP !

'Red Bird Green Grass' - Rebecca Crompton

'Yeah I did that' - Rebecca Crompton

'Dogs' - Rebecca Crompton

'Hippy Happy Birthday' - Rebecca Crompton

'A Right Jolly Moon Am I' - Rebecca Crompton

'I Am A Happy Pear' - Rebecca Crompton

'I Picked This For You' - Rebecca Crompton

'Garden' - Rebecca Crompton

'You Are Yummy' - Rebecca Crompton

'Big Vibes' - Faye Coral Johnson

'Far Out' - Faye Coral Johnson

'Touch  My Ripples' - Faye Coral Johnson

'It Takes Two Baby' - Faye Coral Johnson

'Wild Times' - Faye Coral Johnson

'You're The Cat's Whiskers' - Helen Hancocks

'A Cheeky Valentine' - Lucy Letherland

'You've Got A Piece Of My Heart' - Lucy Letherland

'You're My knight' - Lucy Letherland

All retail at £2.50 each, includes coloured envelope.

Coming soon new Helen Hancocks cards and an unofficial olympic themed tea towel.
Keep your eyes peeled!

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